F+W Wedding in Trasimeno Lake

WEDDING PLANNER: Umbria Weddings and Events Fatima Palomares

PHOTOGRAPHER: Roberto Arcangeli

LOCATION: La bella vita

Trasimeno lake – outdoor wedding :

W+F outdoor wedding back in Summer 2018 was a special day. I knew it would be from the moment they started chatting about their plans with me. Keen to have the day unobtrusively captured whilst they had fun, thats exactly what happened. They had the time of their lives, and I documented every moment.

This was not my first visit to this local venue, and it was a special setting for the ceremony, overlooking the of Trasimeno lake. When the bride told me she were going by boat through the lake, I knew I needed to get a shot from the high vantage point of the bridge. This is the reason my fitbit activity is always high on a wedding day, I’m always moving between moments of action. I was up and down the bridge getting different viewpoints on the story! I nearly always shoot on my own, and make sure I don’t just get the “safe shot”, but instead capture moments from multiple vantage points.

I am sometimes asked to take a couple of formal group shots, and of course don’t mind doing this at all. But it’s the moments between group shots that I love to capture.
A huge thanks to this beautiful couple for having me along to capture their day.
Some of my favorite storytelling images below.