C+V Wedding in France

Photographer:Roberto Arcangeli

Location: Il de Malvy

Organization: Carole Petites Collections

Sometimes it happens that some customers hit your soul. this is the case of C + V. Since I met the bride for the first time I immediately understood how much emotional charge would be their ceremony. In the second meeting, at l’ile de Malvy, France, with both of them I had confirmation, of all my thoughts, they were really loving people, they made me feel good.

They were organizing their wedding and the place was magnificent, an island in the middle of Charente. Io non conoscevo questa parte della Francia, per me tutto era nuovo e magnifico, scoprire le immense colline pine di vigneti. La città di Cognac non molto lontana è stata una gradevole scoperta con una pausa ed un drink. Surely a marriage very different from those I’m used to doing in Italy. It is always fun to learn new ways to party and of course taste new delicious dishes of French cuisine.

Day of their wedding respected all the expectations. The bride was magnificent, the groom and his friends were nice and ceremony was exciting and moving, we felt love.
The party was fun, the dances started right away, all the guests were happy and I was able to get the best out of my photos.
Below their story through my shots.