About me

Professional Wedding Photographer

Hello, I am Roberto Arcangeli
Living in Perugia near the beautiful Assisi, surrounded by the fantastic hills of Umbria, surrounded by medieval villages among the most beautiful in Italy, France is my second home where to work and love for the art living between Paris and Atlantic coast.

Interest in the art of photography is born exactly, by ‘instinct to express myself and remained so over the years.
The passion and love comes when I realize that the pictures could describe sensations and even forward them, in the unique moments of my subjects.

Working at weddings for almost twenty years and have done some reportage in various parts of the world, and from here with the knowledge of other cultures and openness to new human relationships I created a personal style, natural and spontaneous, without force, which today reflects my own way of working in wedding photography, the classical canons are abandoned, i prefer that subjects are dynamic next to me, fresh and natural, so as to seize their most intimate moments spontaneously.

I decided to be a storyteller through the photographic image, sometimes elegant, sometimes funny sometimes moving, your wedding photos will be your feelings, your moments, it will be the story and memory of your personal history.
I consider myself a street photographer a people photographer, hear me coming, I’ll always be by your side, but you will not notice me, the most important day of your life will belong to you and your loved ones.

It will be great to work with you