About me

Professional Wedding Photographer

Hi, I’m Roberto Arcangeli

I live in Perugia near the beautiful Assisi town and surrounded by the fantastic hills of Umbria surrounded by the most beautiful medieval villages of Italy, France is my second home where for work and art stay between Paris and the Atlantic coast .

I consider myself a street photographer, a photographer of the people, you will hear me coming, you will always have me by your side, but I will be discreet. The most important day of your life will belong to you and your loved ones.

I have been working in weddings for twenty years, from which I have gained a great experience doing photographic services both in Italy and in other countries. I have done some reports in various areas of the world, and from here, with the knowledge of new cultures and the opening to new human relationships. I created a personal style, natural and spontaneous, which today reflects just my way of working in wedding photography. I prefer that the married are free next to me. Natural shoot are the best, I can capture your most intimate moments spontaneously.

Photography is the means to narrate moments that will remain unique. Transmitting emotions through a shot makes this wonderful art and love for it unique.

I decided to be a story telling through the photographic image, sometimes elegant sometimes funny sometimes moving. Your wedding photos will be your feelings your moments, it will be the story and the memory of your personal story.

If you want your story be told in a way that evokes emotions, if you want to capture the sensitivity of the moment and create a lasting memory in an extraordinary way, I would be honoured to be the designated story-teller of your family, wedding, corporate event or any other occasion.